In a recent Law360 article, Hilary Gerzhoy and Julienne Pasichow examined the Texas Professional Ethics Commission’s suggested opinion regarding the ethical implications of a company’s legal counsel advising a client.

In June, the Committee concluded that despite several safeguards, the provision of legal services to a client by a company that does not provide legal services would constitute the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL).

Recent guidelines on UPL aim to clearly define the scope of authorized practice and ensure compliance with various jurisdictional rules. States like Texas impose restrictions on in-house legal services, and the increasing accessibility of legal services underscores the importance of adhering to regulations.

Read the full article at Law360 (subscription required).

Hilary is the Vice Chair of HWG’s Legal Ethics and Malpractice Group. She represents lawyers and law firms in disciplinary investigations, prosecutions, and malpractice matters, and represents plaintiffs and defendants in civil and criminal litigation. Hilary teaches legal ethics at the Georgetown University Law Center and serves on Law360′s Legal Ethics Editorial Advisory Board.

Julienne is an associate at HWG LLP and concentrates her practice on civil litigation, government investigations and enforcement actions, immigration, and legal ethics.