On June 25, Courtney Miller will present a CLE webinar titled “Navigating the Contours of Ethics Choice-of-Law Terrain 2024” to the D.C. Bar, discussing recent clarifications and changes to the choice-of-law rules.

Courtney will explore the implications of these changes in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia for attorneys who are licensed in D.C. Participants will learn about:

  • D.C. Rule of Prof’l Conduct 8.5(b), including its choice-of-law analysis, and the similarities and differences with ABA Model Rule 8.5(b)
  • Proposed changes (and rejected proposals) to D.C. Rule 8.5(b)
  • A comparison of D.C.’s rule with those in Maryland and Virginia
  • What does “predominant effect” mean? (ABA Formal Op. 504, Maryland case law, and D.C.’s rule)
  • Hypotheticals
  • Best practices for D.C.-licensed practitioners

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