Amy Richardson was recently featured in a Law360 Pulse article titled “Ethics Probes Take Mental Toll on Solo, Small Firm Attorneys.” Her perspective sheds light on the silent struggles endured by attorneys, specifically those working independently or in small firms while facing disciplinary measures.

“Most attorneys come to the practice of law with the idea that there are principles and they are part of enforcing those principles. To then be accused of being someone who is not doing that, who in fact violated a set of rules, that goes to the core of many people’s identity, of who they are,” Amy expressed. “I think it’s devastating. It turns the world upside down, and it’s a very disconcerting place to be. And then it’s going to move slowly, usually. So you’re in a place of real identity crisis.”

Attorney discipline remains a significant yet often overlooked aspect of legal practice, profoundly affecting practitioners. The article highlights the considerable mental health toll of disciplinary proceedings on attorneys.

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