HWG partners Patricia Paoletta and Kent Bressie have been featured in panels for the Pacific Telecommunication Council’s (PTC) annual conference. The annual event gathers leaders from the global telecom industry to focus on developments in the Pacific Rim.

Kent was featured in two workshops as a panelist and presenter, respectively: “Submarine Cables, Distributed Acoustic Sensing, and Marine Data Sovereignty” and “Geopolitical Challenges”. Held on January 18th, the first workshop covered the evolution of innovative capabilities in submarine cables as well as the concerns of regulators and nation-states in facing these capabilities. The second, held on January 19th, touched upon the challenges, mitigation options, and future outlook for the global subsea cable network.

Patricia will be featured in the upcoming panel “Global Policy Shifts, Local Implications” on January 20th from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm. Panelists will discuss the relationship between international forums and the principles that enabled the Internet to drive sustainable development. They will also focus on how this year’s World Telecommunication Development Conference will address questions of free expression over the Internet, among other topics.

More information about the annual PTC conference, including registration, can be found here.