HWG Partners Kent Bressie and Patricia Paoletta will speak at the Pacific Telecommunications Council (“PTC”) annual conference from January 19-22, 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This annual event gathers leaders from the global telecom industry to focus on developments in the Pacific Rim.

Kent will again provide the global regulatory update at PTC’s “submarine cable day.”  As part of “Submarine Cable Workshop 1: New Cables, Drivers & Trends,” he will address developments in national security reviews, environmental regulation on the high seas, and deep seabed mining.  Kent, who chairs HWG’s international practice, works extensively in the submarine cable sector and serves as the legal adviser to the International Cable Protection Committee and counsel to the North American Submarine Cable Association.

Tricia will serve as a panelist on “Broadband and 5G for IoT: How Will the Promise Be Delivered?”  This session will cover progress in the deployment of 5G for Internet of Things (IoT) usage scenarios, like smart cities, smart factories, connected cars and other “ultra-reliable low-latency communications” and critical applications, in light of standards and spectrum availability.  Tricia, who previously served in senior in-house and government positions, focuses her practice on international telecommunications, trade, and technology policy with an emphasis on spectrum and broadband networks.  She was a member of the United States delegation at the United Nations’ World Radiocommunications Conference (“WRC”) that recently took place this fall in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

As a member of the PTC Innovation Awards Committee, Tricia will also be presenting awards for most innovative technology furthering PTC’s Vision and Mission at the PTC Awards 2020 dinner.

For more information about the Pacific Telecommunications Council and PTC ’20, see here.