HWG partner Tricia Paoletta will be a panelist at the Internet Governance Forum USA (IGA-USA) 2019 meeting on July 25, 2019.  Ms. Paoletta will present on “The Impact of 5G on Current and Emerging Technologies” panel, a session that will discuss the advanced industrial and consumer applications capable under proposed 5G technology.

Ms. Paoletta, a former FCC and USTR official, represents telecom clients on a range of issues, including on international telecommunications, trade, and technology policy, with an emphasis on spectrum and wireless broadband networks.  Ms. Paoletta attended the previous World Radiocommunications Conference, and has been advising clients in preparation for WRC-19 this fall.  WRC-19 is organized by the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations (UN) entity. The identification of more spectrum for 5G is a priority issue for the United States at WRC-19.

IGA-USA is a domestic forum established to discuss public policy issues related to the internet.  While the IGA-USA is independent from the international organization, the UN IGF Secretariat shares IGA-USA reports at the international gatherings.