HWG partner Tricia Paoletta and HWG Technology Policy Advisor Damon Ladson will speak at the U.S. International Telecommunication Union Association (“USITUA”) seminar on this year’s World
Radiocommunication Conference, “WRC-19: Balancing the Entities” on June 4. Mr. Ladson will moderate the “New Applications and Services” panel. Ms. Paoletta will present on the “5G and Beyond” panel. The seminar, hosted by USITUA, will educate stakeholders from both the private sector and the U.S. government on the key spectrum issues teed up for decision at this treaty-level conference from October 28 through November 22 in Egypt.

Ms. Paoletta, a former FCC and USTR official, has served as a Delegate to numerous meetings at the ITU and our region’s Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL). Before joining the firm, Mr. Ladson served as Director of the FCC’s WRC preparations, was Vice-Chair of the United States Delegation to WRC-2000, and chaired numerous technical groups at the International Telecommunication Union and CITEL. Mr. Ladson is a veteran of eight WRCs.