From January 20-23, 2019, HWG Partners Kent Bressie and Patricia Paoletta will attend the Pacific Telecom Council conference PTC’19 in Honolulu, Hawaii, to speak about key telecommunications regulatory issues. PTC’19 is the Pacific Rim’s premier telecommunications industry gathering.

Kent will provide the global regulatory update at PTC’19’s submarine cable workshop, addressing the impact of national security regulation and U.S.-China tensions on new submarine cable builds.  He will also update participants on the advocacy by the International Cable Protection Committee, for which he serves as international law adviser.  Kent heads HWG’s international practice and works extensively in the undersea cable sector.

Patricia will moderate Net Neutrality: Regulation for Pipes or Platforms?, a conversation with senior telecom executives on how to regulate providers and platforms to ensure an open internet.  She will also moderate the panel 5G Business Applications, where she will lead a discussion on the changes 5G technology might bring to the business sector.  In addition to her role as moderator, Patricia returns as Chair of PTC’s Innovation Awards Committee, which develops criteria for the Innovation Awards PTC will award January 22, 2019.  Patricia leads HWG’s legislative practice and focuses on international telecommunications, trade, and technology policy, with a particular emphasis on spectrum, wireless broadband networks, and autonomous vehicles.

HWG has long been a member of PTC, which brings together providers, regulators and other stakeholders in over seventy countries to promote the development and use of telecommunications to improve the lives of people in the Pacific region.

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