On March 20, 2018, HWG partner Adrienne E. Fowler led a discussion of “Requirements and Best Practices for Staying Ahead of and Responding to Cyber Threats,” at the 13th Annual American Bar Association and Federal Communications Bar Association Privacy and Data Security Symposium.

As HWG clients are well aware, major cybersecurity attacks are increasingly common and sophisticated, affecting large and small organizations in the private and public sectors.  Communications companies and law firms are both particularly prized targets for cybercriminals.  The potential impact of a coordinated attack on an organization, its brand and its customer trust is significant, regardless of whether or not an attack results in data breaches or data theft.  Cybersecurity against today’s threats requires full attention and engagement across an organization, including its affiliates, suppliers/vendors, and professional companies, such as law firms, extending well beyond the realm of IT.

Adrienne led a panel of noted cybersecurity professionals in a discussion of the changing nature of the risk, cybersecurity incident prevention and response strategies, and what is going wrong and right in the world of cybersecurity.

For details or to obtain a recording, visit http://www.fcba.org/events/cle-13th-annual-abafcba-privacy-data-security-symposium/.