WASHINGTON, D.C., April 26, 2016

Head of international practice Kent Bressie taught two master classes about submarine cable protection and offshore jurisdiction and spoke separately about spying and government surveillance at SubOptic 2016–the leading submarine telecommunications industry conference–held between April 18 and 21, 2016, in Dubai.

First, Kent taught a master class on marine jurisdictional problems faced by submarine cables operators. Many countries continue to make excessive jurisdictional assertions over submarine cables, complicating and rendering more expensive installation and repair activities.

Second, Kent taught a master class on marine spatial conflicts between submarine cables and renewable energy and dredging and beach replenishment projects. If left uncoordinated, such projects pose significant risks of damage to submarine cables and a threat to network resilience.

Finally, Kent spoke about spying, government surveillance, and network security. Government demands for access to electronic communications have grown more acute in recent years, placing the telecommunications industry in the middle as targets and unwilling collaborators in activities that can undermine customer confidence.

Kent is a partner and head of international practice at HWG. He specializes in cross-border and national-security regulation of telecommunications networks, investment, and technology and law-of-the-sea issues. He works extensively in the undersea cable sector and has led various industry-wide regulatory-reform and cable-protection initiatives.

SubOptic (the organization) exists to promote the undersea telecommunications industry and educate its members. SubOptic 2016–the ninth conference to be held by SubOptic, focusing on the increasing complexity of submarine networks, and taking place in Dubai, UAE–is the premier gathering for the undersea telecommunications industry, with master classes, industry workshops, and an exhibit hall designed to foster the exchange of information and ideas.

More information about the SubOptic organization may be found at: www.suboptic.org

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