On March 1, 2016, Brita Strandberg spoke in Dallas, Texas at the Deloitte Tax Communications Institute at Deloitte University. Ms. Strandberg provided insight into the many pitfalls that can trap unwary providers. She provided attendees with an overview of the USF program, including revenue reporting, receiving support from the Fund, and being prepared for audits. Along with Rick Heller, Deloitte Tax LLP, she also covered common challenges for providers, including:

  • Open Internet Order and USF Ramifications
  • Documenting and Reporting Resale Revenue
  • Treatment of VPN, MPLS, and other Enterprise Services
  • Treatment of Bundled Services
  • Jurisdiction of Private Line Services
  • Inter-Affiliate Reporting
  • Retroactive Liability
  • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • The Red Light Rule
  • Developments in FCC Enforcement

Brita Strandberg is a partner at Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis in Washington, D.C., where she co-chairs the firm’s audits and enforcement practice, representing communications and technology clients before the Federal Communications Commission and federal courts.